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Kenneth is a graphic designer based in Singapore, with works specializing in design research, branding, UI/UX, and editorial design.

Graduated from LASALLE College of the Arts in design studies, Kenneth stands as a modern-day designer whose interest lies on the intersection of arts, science, and technology. He enjoys taking 35mm photos, collecting well-designed prints, and reading the NYT during lunch hours to keep up with current affairs.


JUN 2022 ︎︎︎ PRESENT
Product Designer
SPH Media Ltd

MAY 2020 ︎︎︎ AUG 2020
Regional Brand Design Intern
Shopee Singapore Pte Ltd

AUG 2019 ︎︎︎ JUL 2021
BA(Hons) in Design Communication
LASALLE College of the Arts

AUG 2016 ︎︎︎ JUL 2019
Diploma in Design Communication
LASALLE College of the Arts

D&AD New Blood Awards
Wood Pencil

Crowbar Awards
Silver in Branding

[On advancing design research and education]
Corroborating design practice & academic research (without necessarily translating it into a practice-based research), Kenneth is interested in the area of design research and pedagogy. His curiosity in design research involves the epistemological production of new design knowledge (tacit & explicit), as well as the use of discursive reasoning as a medium for creative design explanation/communication.

Working in tandem with a pedagogical interest, the two body of research come together to create a sequential passion for: new knowledge construction ︎︎︎ its’ transmission & acquisition into design education ︎︎︎ and the transdisciplinary commmunicative function of design research.

[On the identity & transdisciplinary quality of design]
With the expanding range of design practices, it is increasingly difficult to define and set boundaries of what constitutes as a design activity. While specific descriptors are increasingly employed to explain what we do (think of “Brand Designer”, “UI/UX Specialist”, “Full-stack Designer”, “Design Engineer” among many others), the general title of “graphic designer” is still most commonly used; a term often associated as a “production of visual solutions to communication problems” (Bennett and Vulpinari qtd in Kong 16).

This largely pragmatic and market-driven definition of design is problematic when we consider the notion of design in a broader sense: a medium for critical inquiry through creative artistic process. Rather than jam-packing the field into a formulaic, problem-solving framework—ahem, ‘design thinking’—that is often reductionistic, Kenneth believes that design does not always have to be a practical and solution-driven activity. Instead, it is an inquiry, a curious process of understanding the world around us. It affords fresh & creative perspective for other disciplines to collaborate with, inspiring new ways of thinking, doing and learning: in design, through design and by design.

[On contacts]
︎ Say hi to him over at work[at]kennethrori.com